Services are offered under contract with organizations or directly to individuals:

CEO Step-AheadTM Retainer – highly personalized in-depth services:

For CEOs facing multiple, ever-changing challenges that span the full range of business and professional development needs. These services are highly customized. They include broader and deeper work, greater frequency and length of interaction, and greater latitude in scheduling and use of services. The engagements are also longer in length to match the longer-term growth focus. Services included address a wide range of business acumen and leadership effectiveness goals. They include thought partnering on operational and strategic issues, executive coaching, shadowing, diagnostics, and stakeholder interviews. Topics can range from strategy and decision-making to behavioral change and emotional intelligence.

CEO LegacyTM – making highly successful transitions:

As succession nears, CEOs begin to feel the tension of being between two worlds. CEO Legacy coaching provides the focus and reflection on intentionally leaving a stronger foundation in place while mapping out the next chapter in life. “What can be?” is the question that must be answered. Creating a compelling vision that answers that for both worlds and then navigating the hurdles of a smooth and fulfilling transition is the focus of these engagements.

One-on-One Executive Coaching – for greater professional success:

As a personal development opportunity, executive coaching offers tremendous ROI – topping 700% in a recent survey.  An American Management Association study found 82% of companies strongly agree or agree that executive and leadership coaching has been successful in their organization. Engagements focus on executive development via private coaching sessions and can be supplemented with stakeholder feedback, diagnostics, and shadowing.

Team Coaching – developing the whole system for a new dynamic:

Greater synergy between your key executives multiplies the impact of their talent. By working with the whole system, team coaching supports the approach, style, and culture that creates results. Whether it is greater accountability, more collaboration, constructive conflict, transparency, or new values and habits, team coaching leads to new levels of performance.

Leadership Diagnostics – to recognize strengths to be leveraged and opportunities to improve:

EQ - the largest differentiator in executive performance

EQ in Action Profile – In top leadership roles, emotional intelligence has been shown to account for 80% of the difference between the best performers and those who are considered average. This offers tremendous opportunity as research and experience has shown that any individual is capable of strengthening their EQ. The EQ in Action Profile measures your internal experience and provides valuable information about your core EQ capabilities. The assessment is most often used to build awareness and focus your development work where it has the largest impact.

A stand-alone EQ package is offered. It includes an in-depth written report, a personal debrief including additional analysis of the results, and a follow up session to structure and launch a plan to strengthen key capabilities.

Conflict Competence - for greater innovation and alignment

Conflict Dynamics Profile – How to handle conflict was found by a recent Stanford University study of CEOs to be the number one area for personal development. The Conflict Dynamics Profile helps you isolate hot buttons as well as passive and active constructive and destructive behaviors. The assessment also includes an organizational perspective on those behaviors most threatening to a career.

A stand-along package can be utilized. It consists of a full report including the above as well as how behaviors shift throughout the conflict process and an analysis of the differences in self and other perception of behaviors expressed during conflict. A full debrief and follow up session are included.

360 Leadership Insights - for benchmarking leadership strengths

Zenger-Folkman Extraordinary Leader 360 – Zenger and Folkman researched over 20,000 leaders and over 200,000 surveys and found sixteen key competencies that mark exceptional leadership. They discovered that there were vast differences in performance rankings when a leader was outstanding at just a handful. The Extraordinary Leader 360 is exceptional at charting a development path that combines organization needs with personal strengths. It can serve as a powerful source of information for setting coaching goals and targeting strengths to amplify.

A stand-alone 360 package including the Extraordinary Leader report along with interpretation and development planning materials is available. Two sessions are included to interpret what really matters and to create an action plan.

Go here and here to learn more about the Zenger-Folkman assessment and findings.