Welcome! This site and my executive coaching practice are dedicated to your professional success – whether you are an executive or a member of the team supporting executive development. In it you’ll find a variety of ideas and resources that are both thought provoking and useful.

Why Coaching? Executives face enormous challenges and opportunities as the landscape changes constantly – and what worked before doesn’t always work again. Sometimes the source of the issue is easy to spot – a merger, a new responsibility, a new team, a new board, a new boss. Sometimes it is the natural result of growth: Organizations reach natural transition points where the leadership challenges change. Fast, nimble start-ups succeed and one person can no longer do it all. New strategies require the CEO to lead sweeping culture change. Growth continues and new locations, markets and stakeholders require new ways of leading. A founder prepares to leave and succession presents new challenges and opportunities – for the departing executive and for the organization.

New Vistas

“The real magic of discovery lies not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes”

– Marcel Proust

Successfully navigating these changes requires that we change as well. Fundamental to that is a solid understanding of what we want to gain, high levels of self-awareness, an understanding of our values and strengths, a clear perspective of what’s needed, a plan to put the change in place, and practice to make it part of our enduring capabilities.

The good news is that all executives have this capability. These are all things internal to ourselves and subject to our control. Ultimately, it is a journey of self-discovery and using strengths grounded in our authentic selves. When we overcome big challenges or seize new opportunities we become stronger and our work and our lives become more enjoyable.

However, when support is lacking, or daily routines crowd out the time, focus, and discipline needed for the journey, or when the terrain is too unfamiliar, an executive coach can mean the difference between being stuck and enjoying new success.

I invite you to explore my site further to learn more about my services and me or contact me directly for a no-obligation introductory conversation.